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just your average little dark , depressed , teenage girl who misses her home in Yoktoa , Japan

i love cats, anime and manga , vocaloid , batman , and art ( just to name a few )

i draw & sing & stuff so you can find me on instagram , DeviantArt ,YouTube , and SoundCloud as moonblaze13




So I combined the Disciple’s theme with Nepeta’s theme, Requited (Disciple) and Serenade (Nepeta). 

The lower, more sad piano tones are from Serenade and the happier tones (from the violin) are from Requited. 

However what I want to point out is that Serenade is shorter and the end just fades out while Requited picks up. I think it shows that the Disciple lived longer and found love while Nepeta was killed early on and never experienced romance, nor lived a full potential life.

Dudes and Dudettes! The homestuck fandom explaining their music!

this is absoulty georgous